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A Challenging Curriculum

Throughout the past year our staff have been with staff from across The Midland Academies Trust  to develop a new more challenging five year curriculum across all subject areas and we are excited to introduce this all to our pupils this year.

At The George Eliot School we believe that knowledge is key. To support our pupils we have been developing knowledge organisers specific to our new curriculum.

All pupils have been issued with a set of knowledge organisers and a folder. Pupils will be set weekly quizzes for homework using their knowledge organisers. The quizzes will be tested in lessons the following week. If a pupil scores less than 80% on a knowledge quiz they will be expected to attend a learning catch up the following Monday to support them to revisit and learn this knowledge. All information about the quizzes for the week will be available on our homework site Doddle every Monday.


Knowledge and Learning



At The George Eliot School we believe that makes the difference is the quality of the feedback and how timely it is. Pupils do not need feedback on a piece of work they did two weeks ago; they need to improve the work they did today, or yesterday, while it is still fresh in their minds. 

Feedback at The George Eliot School is given to the whole class on a regular basis from the class teacher. The class teacher will focus on the positive things they have seen and celebrate the best work; then they will teach the area of general misconceptions.

The teacher will explain carefully, perhaps modelling on the board, or by putting a piece of good work from the class under a visualiser, how they can all improve their work and then give the students time to improve their work, in green pen, or get them to write the ‘toughest three’ if they got it all correct on this occasion. This is  a 10 minute, silent reflection time for the students.



Entry Routines for Lessons

  1. Line up with your equipment
  2. Your teacher will welcome you
  3. Students walk in –single file
  4. Students stand by your seats with equipment on the desk. Bags should be neatly placed under the desk. 
  5. Teacher will greet you, ‘Good Morning ….’ You will respond, ‘Good Morning Mrs /Mr…
  6. Students will then sit down and begin a ,’Do Now’ task
  7. Your teacher will take the register and circulate the room checking your answer


Exit Routines for Lessons

  1. Books away or handed in.
  2. Get your books out for next lesson
  3. Stand and put your chair in. 
  4. Blazers on and get your bags. 
  5. Silence. Face the front. 
  6. Dismiss in rows. 


Pupil 'Be Prepared' Toolkit

Be Prepared Toolkit


Clear expectations for listening in lessons



Clear expectations for discussion in lessons



High expectations for behaviour at all times



The George Eliot School 5 Ps for Progress


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