Permission and Consent

Trip/activity consent form

This is required if a student attends any off-site trip or visit.

Photography consent form

This form must be completed by all parents/carers to allow us to take photographs of students.

Request for planned absence

This form is to be completed if a parent wishes to have an authorised absence during term time. Note that authorisation for such an activity will take place only in exceptional circumstances. Holiday requests will not be permitted.

Food technology dietary needs

During food technology lessons, students may need to taste food products. This form must be filled in if your child is to take part in food tasting activities whilst in the food technology area. 

Internet access rules and network rules

These two forms are required for students to access the internet and the school website.

Request for school to give medication

This form is required for any student who needs medication to be given to them during the school day. Note that this only covers medication prescribed by a doctor. The school is unable to dispense medication to students including paracetamol or aspirin for legal reasons.

Separated parents form

This form is required to authorise the school to issue duplicate reports to separated parents. Without this being completed reports will only be sent to the home address. 

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