GCSE Results 2019

Erykah Bradford-Brown achieved a grade 9 in RE and 8s in English Language, English Literature, Food and History. Erykah is going to KECS to study Sciences as she hopes to go into nursing. Erykah said “Thank you to Mr Hollick and Mrs Stanton for encouraging us all the way. Revision sessions were so helpful.”

Kayley Mulhall achieved five 9s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Food and RE as well as 8s in French and Maths. Kayley is going to study A levels in Chemistry, Maths and Business at KECS. Kayley said “The network of support has been amazing. Lots of support from the school and my friends.”

Katie Wilkinson achieved Grade 8s in English Language, English Literature and RE. Katie is going to KECS to study A levels in Biology, Chemistry and English Literature. Katie said “The last year has been really helpful. Special thank you to Miss Havard.”


GCSE Results 2019 1

Holly Holt achieved a Grade  9 in English Language and 8s in Maths and RE. She is going to KECS to study A levels in Psychology, Sociology and Linguistics. Holly said the school was “supportive all the time and encouraging always.”

Megan Higginson achieved Grade 9s in English Literature, English Language and RE. Megan is going to KEGs to study A levels in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Maths. Megan said the “Science intervention was inspirational.”


GCSE Results 2019 3

Lucy Hill achieved six Grade 8s. She is going to KECs to study A levels in Biology, Criminology and Psychology. Lucy said, “Special shout out to Mrs Keen and Mrs Le Grice who championed me in their subject.”

GCSE Results 2019 2

James Mason achieved Grade 9s in Chemistry, Maths and Physics and Grade 8s in Biology, Engineering, English Literature, History and RE as well as an A* in Further Maths. James said “Good teaching has helped me achieve.”

Robert Taylor achieved five Grade 9s in Chemistry, Computer Science, History, Physics and Maths, Grade 8s in Biology, English Literature and RE as well an A** in Further Maths. He is going to study Computer Science at KECS. He said “There was lots of help from everyone and lots of resources to help us succeed.”


GCSE Results 2019 5

Kiya Geary achieved exceptional progress across all of her subjects.

Kian Russell is going to KEC to study Computer Science, Criminology and Maths. He is hoping to go into the Police Force in future. Kian said “Thank you to all the teachers for their support. It paid off!”

Head Girl Louise Warner’s 100% attendance has paid off with her excellent progress and results. She is going to study A levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths.

GCSE Results 2019 6

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