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Department Aims

The Music Department will provide a learning environment which enables students to develop their musical skills in order for them to produce work that reflects an understanding of themselves and their environment.

The general aim of the program of music studies is to present a broad and balanced scheme of work which explores different techniques of composition, ideas and approaches to music. All students should being to understand music of differing times and cultures so that they are able to discern the formal differences and apply them to their own work.

How Parents can help

Listen to a wide variety of music at home.
Ensure that GCSE Music students practice their instrument on a weekly basis.

KS3 Curriculum Information

Year 7

Musical Ingredients

I've Got Rhythm


Perform It!

Compose It!

Year 8

Music and ICT:  Programme Music and Club Dance Music

Popular Music in Context:  Blues

Your Choice

KS4 Curriculum Information including qualifications

Year 9

Free composition work

Brief Composition work

Ensemble performing

Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.5.

Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No.8

Year 10 

Free composition work

Ensemble work

Solo work

Queen’s Killer Queen

Purcell’s Music For A While, William’s Star Wars

Schwartz’s Defying Gravity

Year 11

Brief Composition

Ensemble Work

Solo Performance Work

Afro Celt Sound System:  Release

Spalding:  Samba Em Preludio

Listening Paper Work


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