Welcome to George Eliot School Library

The Library is a welcoming teaching and learning environment that supports across the whole school and continually promotes reading for pleasure. The Learning Resource Manager is happy to help, support and advise any pupil.

Reading and Study time is available during break times and lunch times.  The Library offers over 10,000 books to support the curriculum, networked ICT facilities to enable pupils to complete research and course work and newspapers to inform of current affairs.

By respecting the rules of not eating and drinking at any time and working quietly, we aim to provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere for pupils. Other resources available are age appropriate booklists, reading challenge booklets and book displays to compliment pupil work. Throughout each academic year, the Library also welcomes guest presentations and workshops.

In conjunction with the English department, the school is delighted to have successfully implemented The George Eliot School Reading Challenge to promote literacy. The main purpose is to accelerate learning for all children of all ability levels and to create a culture of reading. This is an important step to increase vocabulary, improve spelling, develop punctuation and grammar whilst enjoying a great story leading to greater comprehension and understanding skills.



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