Key Principles of Homework

We at The George Eliot School believe that a robust homework  system plays a vital part of developing the whole child and ensuring pupils have the skills to manage their learning independently throughout their academic career. We provide pupils with a set of online quizzes each week that focus on key knowledge for their subjects. 

The quizzing aspect of the homework is rooted around these four key principles:

1. Quizzes help pupils learn

2. Quizzes give teachers’ feedback 

3. Quizzes promote test expectancy 

4. Studying is more efficient after a quiz

The interleaving aspect of homework is based around the theory that repetition of ideas is important in building retention of knowledge. 


Knowledge and Learning


Homework at The George Eliot School





Knowledge Organisers

How we help with homework

In form time, every day pupils are working with their tutors to build effective routines for memorising key knowledge. This will continue all half term for years 7-10.  There is also a menu of activities inside pupils’ planners that they can use for  support also. 

The SEND department are working hard with pupils who need that extra support. They will be available on Monday    learning catch ups and will offer further advice and support to build the repertoire of skills and strategies for quizzing. 

Pupils who attend learning catch ups will be given the additional support, guidance and time to work with staff and        develop the routines needed for learning and to prepare for the demands of the new GCSEs.


How home can help with Homework

  • Speak to your child about their quiz and support them by quizzing them over the week. (Remember the answers will be in their Knowledge Organisers.) 
  • Use Doddle and GCSEPod (KS4) to support the revision process. 
  • Use their planners and get them to try different ways to learn key knowledge.
  • Check your child’s homework. You will shortly be emailed with a parental log in for Doddle.
  • Pupils will get quicker and more efficient as they practice this style of learning. They should aim for 10 minute short bursts on each subject. 
  • They should have quizzes from each main       subject weekly. Some subjects: P.E, R.E, Drama, Art, Music and Computing will be issued over a three week cycle in Years 7 and 8. 
  • The quizzes should be dated so you can see what is for each week.
  • Please encourage your child to feedback any concerns to the their form tutor. 


If your child is having any difficulty with Doddle or if circumstances are such that it might affect them feeling successful with this system then please speak to their form tutor who will be   happy to support things in school. 


Other Homework

Additional homework might be set especially in preparation for examination in upper school. Examples include: Exam questions, GCSEPod, further reading of topics.  The class teacher sets this  homework on Doddle. This homework is not subject to sanctions or learning catch ups if not completed. Instead we would like you to reward and celebrate with all pupils who do complete this homework and develop good routines for their GCSES. 


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