Sport Fixtures and Results

Spring 1 Fixtures


Badminton Fixture vs Polesworth at home (U14s and U16s)

Monday 13th January


MAT League Badminton at Heath Lane Academy (KS4)

Wednesday 15th January


Year 9 and10 Girls Football at Etone

Tuesday 14th January

Tuesday 21st January

Tuesday 4th February


Year 7 Sportshall Athletics

Monday 20th January


MAT League Football (Year 9/10 boys)

Wednesday 22nd January


Football Fixtures and Results


Year 7

 Tournament - Wednesday 2nd October (H)

 Tournament - Wednesday 4th March (at Etone School)

 Tournament - Thursday 12th March (at Higham Lane School)

Year 8

 Tournament - Thursday 26th September (H)

 Tournament - Wednesday 9th October (H)

 Tournament - Thursday 5th March (at Polesworth School)

 Tournament - Wednesday 18th March (at Ash Green School)

Year 9

 Tournament - Thursday 19th September (H)

 Tournament - Thursday 17th October (H)

 Tournament - Thursday 27th February (at Ash Green School)

 Tournament - Thursday 19th March (at Hartshill School)

Year 10

 Tournament - Wednesday 11th September (H)

 Tournament - Wednesday 25th September (H)

 Tournament - Thursday 10th October (at Higham Lane School)

 Tournament - Wednesday 11th March (at Nicholas Chamberlaine School)

Year 11

 Tournament - Thursday 12th September (H)

 Tournament - Thursday 3rd October (H)

 Tournament - Wednesday 26th February (at Nicholas Chamberlaine School)


Netball Fixtures and Results


Year 7

  League - Thursday 27th February

  League - Tuesday 10th March

  Tournament - Tuesday 2nd April

Year 8

  League - Thursday 17th October

  League - Thursday 13th November

  Tournament - Thursday 5th March

Year 9

  League - Thursday 3rd October

  League - Thursday 10th October

  Tournament - Thursday 26th March

Year 10


Tournament - Thursday 13th February


Year 11


  Tournament - Tuesday 24th September 




Cross Country Fixtures



(Year 7)

 Wednesday 18th September

 Wednesday 25th September


(Years 8-9)

 Wednesday 18th September

 Wednesday 25th September


(Years 10-11)

 Wednesday 18th September

 Wednesday 25th September


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